My Unter Mind

Unter MindWe know that a large part of our brain or at least our nervous system operates without our attention. Our heart, our digestion, our liver and our kidneys go it on their own and it is best if we leave them alone to do what they know so well how to do.

Then there is our conscious mind, where we turn to alcohol to keep us from worrying about it worrying too much. In between, somewhere, is the part of our nervous system which we program, sort of, and of it I speak. There is an extremely good memory, so we can ask it to look after some things. I can go to sleep and know that I will wake at the time I intend to do that. I can postpone decisions and I will be smarter later. It will turn me away from matters which to others and to me make sense, but deep down my committee knows to stay away. I believe it is where all the experiences, for better or for worse, are kept for later use as advisers. The advice to ‘sleep on it’ is always good advice. It comes out in folk sayings like ‘look before you leap’. It seems to be totally against any method of instant decision making. I think it spots the faulty premises (or lack of any). Generally, it is hooked into folk wisdom, and remembers it far better than I do. It is a personal form of Aesop’s fables, designed to avoid so many of the classic mistakes. By nature, and thank God, I am a postponer, and I intend to trust my Unter Mind, though of course, I do not understand it.


~ by dkcrowdis on August 11, 2007.

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