One Room School House

I never went to a One-Room-School-House but I taught in one. Before I got there, it seemed impossible to teach nine grades at a time but it wasn’t. We did nature study together, and along the brook and down at the shore, the big ones looked after the little ones. Most of the time, everyone worked on his own and they went to each other for help as much as they came to me. When stories were read to the little ones, the big ones listened. By the time anyone got to higher grades, they’d heard the work before more than once, and the next arithmetic or grammar wasn’t a surprise. Friendships were across the grades and any would-be bully wouldn’t have gotten far.

Now, I wish I’d stayed longer and kept track of them better because they were my friends and I suspect they turned out alright. They didn’t have the advantage of school buses, sound systems, audiovisuals, specialist teachers for each subject, cafeterias, career files. In fact, they didn’t have any advantages at all. The heating system was two oil drums and the plumbing was outdoors. But they did learn to work by themselves and to help each other, they learned to make the most of the resources available, they certainly weren’t alienated or lost among two thousand others milling through corridors. Today you hear of the advantages of smaller units, independent study, students helping students, teachers being friends, guides and advisors. It sounds very much like my one-room school of quite long ago.


~ by dkcrowdis on February 23, 2008.

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