My Small Companions

We do not live alone. We would hate it. Cheer up – to live alone would not be possible. We ourselves in our most intimate relations are committee jobs anyway. We cannot ever claim ownership, or identity, with the various DNA that we are. In spite of all this, we come to consider ‘other’ forms of life as a threat! Advertisers push sprays, lotions, filters and more, to protect us against tiny forms of life, which of course must be hostile to us. The truth and the problem with this view is that many tiny life forms are very friendly, and some make our existence possible. Some contribute to our pleasures. Begin with the most present one which is our food, with its smell, taste, and why it is the way it is.

Let’s begin with bread, or if you will, cheese, or perhaps beer. If you are more classy or erudite, take wine. Bread is what it is because of yeast bubbling in the dough, so it is not soggy, so this tiny organism is a friend for that. Of course, beer and yeast are a great subject themselves, including ‘great’ in economic terms. Cheese is not cheese without attacks of the right bacteria, and great industries and literature relate to these tiny wonders. Or are they threats now?

To go back a step, the soil which makes all food (or most of it) what it is, is the result of breakdown of everything by worms, bacteria, and others which we have not yet identified.

This is only a preface to the subject of ‘Our Small Companions’. We will be back, again and again.


~ by dkcrowdis on March 3, 2008.

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