That’s Not What I Herd

As I turn the pages of the morning papers, I still marvel at the incompatible ideas which are taken for granted by somebody – the editor, the writer, the people written about. The firmness with which opinions are held must be based on something, and I am convinced the question becomes clear when you identify the group which is represented by the expressed opinion, or in a word, the HERD. By nature and by nurture we cannot be solitary, but must belong with others. The most natural group is the one in which we are born and nurtured.

As baby becomes infant becomes child, it becomes a member of larger, and not always compatible, groups. The result is that each of us is driven to hold various incompatible premises, and so we have, in varying degrees, troubled minds, conscious and unconscious. Usually, this is dealt with by adopting a single premise for the appropriate occasion and forcing everything to fit with that. This can be a Faith, and that can be elevated to be God’s will. At least that puts logic in its proper place, as it follows the current premise.

For me, this is the herd exerting proper discipline. We must belong, so we must believe, and faith trumps evidence when necessary. Faith removes need for trial or for evidence, and the mind is clear. We can sleep at night, we can go into battle, we can die deliberately in the Cause, we can die just to take others with us, going to Paradise ourselves while they are off to Eternal Damnation.

Whatever, the herd has won. It cannot lose.


~ by dkcrowdis on March 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “That’s Not What I Herd”

  1. Don, a delight to read, as always. Your way with words – thoughtful and precise.
    Thanks. Write more soon, please

  2. It’s good to have you back, Don. (I try to stay in front of the herd….LOL)

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