Flies, Evolution, Survival

It is difficult to use the word ‘evolution’ without being drawn into Darwin, religion, politics, and such matters as dinosaurs and ancient horses the size of today’s rabbits. However, this piece is about flies, and my inspiration is one fly which does not know that it belongs over on that rotten banana which started the population of tiny flies which is doing all too well, thank you.

These particular flies seemed to come from nowhere, but of course their eggs were on the banana; already fertilized, of course. This way flies travel with all tropical fruit and, in today’s refrigerated giant containers in giant ships, they are everywhere, save possibly somewhere in the Antarctic, but since we humans are there with our foods, of course they must be there too.

My title deals with this. We know that the shorter the generations, the more opportunituy for changes to the gametes. So the flies do very well and do their bit as the short generations roll. The tiny indivduals of my particular population don’t survive very well or very long, but their descendants’ descendants do. For sure. Their kind survives, and their numbers can go from a pair to more indivduals than the total of all humans, of all generations, can match, and this can be in one of our years.

The lesson here is that if you would discuss life, its changes, its numbers, then the focus of your enquiry should be the tiny things, the short generations, the vast numbers in the shortest times, the certain survival of some. Any humans who doubt the survival of changes in our own generations, that is ‘Evolution’, should consider the fly, and be wise, or as wise as our limited capacities can manage.


~ by dkcrowdis on November 6, 2008.

One Response to “Flies, Evolution, Survival”

  1. I think it works with fleas, too, Donald, and since my cats are currently infested with them, I know how quickly they can replicate themselves and increase their numbers!!

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