For something, I went upstairs three times!

Just as the leg bone is connected to the back bone somehow, all our nerve connections are connected.  So, as I went upstairs, of course I forgot why I was going, and this happened twice.  Then I knew why, and kept on my way to get this sheet of paper and while I was at it, about a hundred more.  This describes my way of life now very well, and I could write many blogs about it which would make pause to my faithful readers.  My synapses are not what they were.  Whether they are less efficient or more tangled with existing ones I will never know.  However, whoever I am, I must be both determined and careful, or I will arrive at some unintended waystation, or just nowhere.

As always now, I am my best (or is it my only) observer, and am usually sustained by the conviction that what I observe is, not only not just about myself, but universal, perhaps far beyond humankind.  With a few lines left to write, I’m sure there is a lesson here, and not just for myself.  I think I know what it is, for me and for you.

As we, or rather the synapses in our inherited and developed nervous system, fade or fail, we must be more careful and more determined, as we would with any metal or wooden tool of choice.  From here, life does not have to be worse, as we appreciate every little or large satisfaction left to us.  As we get ready to go, why wouldn’t what is left be more precious, indeed.  “Que sera, que sera” – “Enjoy yourself; it’s later than you think”.  Goodbye.  For now.


~ by dkcrowdis on November 6, 2008.

One Response to “For something, I went upstairs three times!”

  1. So glad you are continuing to appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life.
    Many of us arrive at the top of the stairs and wonder “what we are here-after”I just go back where I started and usually it comes to me.
    Best Wishes,Norma

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